Our mission at the Glasgow Electric Plant Board is to provide the highest quality electric power, cable television, and other telecommunications services at costs, making them practical and improving the standard of living for all the people of Glasgow.

Glasgow Electric Plant Board is the municipally-owned electric power, cable television, and internet service utility serving the vicinity of Glasgow, Kentucky. Glasgow EPB was created by a determined group of locals over fifty years ago. The original creators envisioned that a small group of local experts would better deliver the essential technology necessary to make life in Glasgow better than a utility governed by a distant group of investors.

We continue honoring their original vision today. Glasgow EPB operates the first municipally-owned combination electric power and broadband utility system in the United States. We strive every day to carry out our vision of utilizing electric power and broadband to form a new kind of product that will completely transform the way communities work. Our Local Utility is working diligently to find ways to make our energy usage, and our community life, totally sustainable and self-reliant.

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